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Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder (Final) Portable

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder (Final) Portable | 110.31MB
Genre: Hidden Object

Help the famous Detective Croft solve the case of the Baker Street Murder, and uncover the conspiracy about the murder of her partner! Find clues and interview suspects in different locations that will keep you guessing! Bring justice to a murderer, and avenge your fallen partner. Use your Hidden Object skills to crack the case in Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder!

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Release Group: MURDER – (P2P)
Release Name: Kick.Ass.2.2013.TS.DUAL.AUDIO.XviD.MP3-MURDER
Release Date: August 19, 2013
Filename: Kick.Ass.2.2013.TS.DUAL.AUDIO.XviD.MP3-MURDER
Source: TS
Size: 1.37 GB
Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
Video: XviD | 720×368 | 1 671 Kbps
Audio: English, German | MP3
Subs: N/A
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
RT Critics: 4.7/10
Directed By: Jeff Wadlow
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

German audio is line and english audio is CAM filterd but it is a proper TS with watchable quality have fun and comment here your reviews

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Kill Your Darlings (2013)

Kill Your Darlings (2013)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 16:9 (720x480) VBR | 01:42:38 | 6.29 Gb
Audio: English AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English SDH, English
Genre: Drama, Biography

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Beat Generation icon Allen Ginsberg in this biopic set during the famed poet's early years at Columbia University, and centering on a murder investigation involving Ginsberg, his handsome classmate Lucien Carr, and fellow Beat author William S. Burroughs. The year is 1944. Ginsberg (Radcliffe) is a young student at Columbia University when he falls hopelessly under the spell of charismatic classmate Carr (Dane DeHaan). Alongside Carr, Ginsberg manages to strike up friendships with aspiring writers William S. Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) that would cast conformity to the wind, and serve as the foundation of the Beat movement. Meanwhile, an older outsider named David Kammerer falls deeply and madly in love with the impossibly cool Carr. Later, when Kammerer dies under mysterious circumstances, police arrest Kerouac, Burroughs, and Carr as potential suspects, paving the way for an investigation that would have a major impact on the lives of the three emerging artists.

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Description: What happens when the only hope of a threatened world lies not with heroes in shining armor, but in the hands of a band of misfits and criminals? Blackguards, a new turn-based strategy RPG, explores this very question. You will discover over 180 unique hex-based battlegrounds within a dark and mature story of crime, drugs, and murder.

Play as a warrior, mage or hunter and customize your character’s skills as you see fit. The challenging campaign delivers a story of doubt, treason and loss. You decide the course of the story at key turning points and determine its outcome.


  • More than 180 unique battlemaps provide ever-evolving and novel challenges.
  • Make sure you have plenty of snacks, as this dark fantasy adventure has 40+ hours of exciting play time.
  • Lead up to five characters in your party to glorious victory or devastating defeat.
  • Enjoy enchanting hand drawn backdrops. They’re beautiful even when your party members get their asses handed to them.
  • Your choice of spells, skills and abilities determine your battlefield tactics. Aggressive? Defensive? Tactical? It’s your call how to tackle each challenging encounter!
  • Use interactive objects like bee hives or barrels to your advantage in combat, or blow yourself up by carrying a torch into flammable swamp gas.
  • Dish out some serious damage with 40 special abilities and more than 90 spells… or find yourself on the other end and get obliterated.

Genre: RPG
Publisher: Daedalic
Developer: Daedalic

Release Name: Blackguards-FLT
Size: 4.37GB
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Assassins Creed Unity-RELOADED

Release Description:
Set in a once-magnificent Paris, Assassin’s Creed Unity plunges into the terror of the 1789 French Revolution and features the most dense and immersive Assassin’s Creed city ever created. Through the streets of Paris, the starving inhabitants are set to take up arms for freedom and equality. In this time of chaos and brutality, a young man named Arno, wounded by the loss of those he loved, sets on a deadly path of redemption. Arno’s pursuit throws him into the middle of a ruthless struggle for the fate of a nation, and transforms him into a true Master Assassin.

Players will carve their way through a stunning, full-scale open-world Paris, thanks to the power of the new Anvil engine, rebuilt from the ground up for new generation consoles. Assassin’s Creed Unity gives players full control parkour mechanics, a reinvented fighting system for a richer combat experience, a new stealth mode, cover system and crowd manipulation techniques. Players can channel their inner Assassin, customizing weapons, equipment, outfits and specialized skills to match their play style.

In addition to the sprawling single-player campaign, players can join with up to three friends and take part in story-driven online co-op missions designed specifically for Assassins to play together. Skills and unique gear acquired in the single-player missions will be accessible in co-op and will define a player’s personalized Assassin’s style, whether emphasizing brute force, agility or stealth. Players also will select a unique co-op skill that will help the team survive, evade or fight more effectively to the benefit of the team.


  • A UNIQUE CO-OP EXPERIENCE YOU MUST PLAY TO BELIEVE — In addition to an epic single-player campaign, join with up to three friends online and experience the open world of 18th-century Paris. Pull ambitious heists and take part in unique narrative-driven missions designed exclusively for co-op play. Sabotage an execution. Protect an emperor. Assassinate a Templar agent. Victory won’t be easy; you and your lethal band must rely on communication, coordination, and diverse skills to accomplish your missions, then vanish into the shadows.
  • A RUTHLESS NEW HERO FOR A BRUTAL WORLD — Play as Arno, an entirely new breed of Assassin, and take down your prey with a range of new weapons such as the Phantom Blade, a hidden blade with crossbow capabilities.
  • BRAND-NEW PARKOUR, COMBAT, AND STEALTH GAMEPLAY — Enjoy an unprecedented degree of freedom and control over your Assassin. Full motion control with new parkour mechanics allow free running up, across, and down city walls and buildings. A reinvented fighting system provides a richer combat experience based on skill, timing, and flow. Enhanced stealth gameplay includes a new stealth mode, cover system, and crowd-manipulation techniques. Stay hidden, stalk your prey, and strike without warning.
  • DEEP CUSTOMIZATION MECHANICS TO CRAFT YOUR OWN MASTER ASSASSIN — Craft a unique play style by choosing weapons, gear, outfits, and specialized skills. Mix and match from hundreds of possible combinations and build your stealth, fighting, and navigation abilities from a new, expansive skill tree. Become the ultimate Master Assassin.
  • DISCOVER REVOLUTIONARY PARIS, BROUGHT TO LIFE AS NEVER BEFORE — Carve through the stunning full-scale open world city, a feat only made possible through the power of an all-new game engine. Explore detailed building interiors and discover secret catacombs and sewers. Embark on ancestral missions, treasure hunts, murder mysteries, contracts, and more. The city is packed full of activities that will captivate for hours. Witness the chaos of the French Revolution firsthand and become immersed in the realistic, systemic crowds of up to 5,000 AI-driven characters

Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft

Release Name: Assassins.Creed.Unity-RELOADED
Size: 36.3 GB
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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive (Repost)

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive
PC | Strategy | 663 MB

In this top-down/isometric western strategy/adventure game you acquire a role of John Cooper, a lone rider. Skilful with your gun and knife, shaved not, you'll wander towns of an old west, passing the Mexican gringos, fight the army, and rescue your future to be partners. All in the cause of justice. Hired as a bounty hunter to end these railroad raids and train robberies, but whoever walks the path of justice on the wild wild west, has to be framed for something, even if it's a murder. Now that you barely managed to escape, your name must be cleared.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4-CODEX

Release Description:
From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, comes a gritty, violent and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic books (DC Comics/Vertigo). As Bigby Wolf – THE big bad wolf – you will discover that a brutal, bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences.

An evolution of Telltale’s ground-breaking choice and consequence game mechanics will ensure the player learns that even as Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown, life in the big bad city is bloody, terrifying and dangerous.


  • From the team that brought you 2012 Game of the Year, The Walking Dead
  • Based on the Eisner Award-winning Fables comic book series
  • Now, it’s not only WHAT you choose to do that will affect your story, but WHEN you choose to do it
  • A mature and gritty take on characters from fairytales, legends and folklore who have escaped into our world
  • A perfect place to begin your Fables journey, even if you’ve not read the comics; this game is set before the events seen in the first issue

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Genre: Adventure

Release name: The.Wolf.Among.Us.Episode.4-CODEX
Size: 3.86GB
Links: HOME | iGN | GameSpot | NFO | Torrent Search


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Mystery of Cleopatra

Mystery of Cleopatra | 157 MB

As the Queen`s most trusted advisor, it is your task to investigate the murder of a Roman soldier, who had broken into Cleopatra`s palace. Use your Hidden Object skills to follow the clues as they lead you into a world of national politics and personal revenge! Explore the legendary land of Alexandria as you find objects, piece together evidence, and hunt for the murderer in the Mystery of Celopatra.

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VA-Hardcore Top 100 Best Of 2014-2CD-2014-wAx

Description: The 100 very best hardcore tunes of the year!! Including tracks from: Angerfist, DJ Mad Dog, The Stunned Guys, Placid K, Deathmachine and many more!!


CD 1

01. N3ar vs Lowroller – Minnesota
02. The Wishmaster – Everybody Hardcore
03. Amnesys & Tommyknocker – Eliminate
04. N-Vader – The Enemy
05. Placid K – G-Member (Placid K 8pm Remix)
06. Miosa ft Mc Rephex – Going Hard
07. Cruel Intentions – Slaves Ever Since
08. Biorekk – Get Up On This
09. Decipher & Shinra – Execute
10. Endymion – Gladiator
11. Tears Of Fury – Light In The Darkness
12. Radio Killah – Lose Control
13. Quitara – Path Of Mayhem
14. DJ Paul Elstak – Rainbow In The Sky (Re-Style & Bass-D Remix)
15. Vociferous – Out Of Control
16. Kid Morbid – Hunt U Down (Decipher & Shinra Remix)
17. Kasparov & System Shock ft Diesel – Dedication
18. Synthax – Medicine
19. N-Vitral & Triax – The Reaper
20. Furyan – Perspectives
21. Lowroller – Weekend
22. DJ Mad Dog – Rewind
23. Hellsystem ft Ellie – Monster
24. Xcite – Don’t Hate Me
25. The Playah – Eternal
26. Noize Suppressor & Stereo Type – Never Look Back
27. Sanchuk – Re-Edit
28. Stereo Type – Break It Down
29. N-Vitral – The Evil Earth
30. Dirty Bastards – Real Bastards
31. Negative A & Counterfeit – Tested On Animals
32. Angerfist – End (Counterfeit Remix)
33. I_Gor – L.I.O.N
34. Neophyte & Evil Activities – One Of These Days (Angerfist Remix)
35. Tommyknocker ft Unexist – Ghost Rider
36. Meccano Twins – Tendrils Of Agony (Tieum Remix)
37. The Stunned Guys – Atmorico
38. Noxious – The World Of Sound
39. Wars Industry – Disorder
40. Promo – Airwalker
41. Al Twisted & Sleeper Cell – Bodies (Hit The Floor)
42. Deathmachine – Unnatural Selection (N-Vitral’s Darwin Award VIP)
43. The Sickest Squad ft Neverquiet – Children Of Core
44. The Beatcrusher – It’s Gone
45. F.Noize ft A.D.K. – Revenge (Darkside 15 Years O.S.T.)
46. Restore Order – Legion Of The Lost
47. DJ Apathy – Vollmongolen
48. Drokz & Partyraiser – Hardcore, Bitches, 40′s & Blunts
49. Neophyte, Tieum & Rob Gee – Comin’ At You Strong
50. Drokz & Counterfeit – What’s That Sound

CD 2

01. Tha Playah – Der Craft
02. Crossfiyah – Depths Of Truth
03. Promo – Ridiculous Shit
04. The Beatkrusher – Ninja
05. Tommyknocker & Amnesys – Disrespect
06. Counterfeit – Wearing Your Face
07. Art Of Fighters – Earthquake
08. N3ar – Growling Monster
09. Cruel Intentions – Air Max Movement
10. Ophidian – The Middle Children (The Viper Remix)
11. Prankster – Afraid
12. Furyan – Teknology
13. DJ Mad Dog – Thunder Like
14. Miss K8 ft Mc Nolz – Metropolis Of Massacre (Dominator 2014 Anthem)
15. N-Vader – Fothermucker
16. The Wishmaster – Surrender
17. Radio Killah – Move Ya Body
18. Lowroller – Fucking Die
19. Radio Killah – Live In A Mainstream
20. Kasparov – Infected By Madness
21. Decipher & Shinra – Path From Hell
22. Tieum & Angerfist – Dirty Man
23. D-Passion – The Reason
24. T-Junction & Rudeboy – Way Out Your League
25. Evil Activities – Dead Man Walking
26. The Twins Artcore – Demons Inside The Box
27. Deathmachine – Noise In Us (r_AW’s Rude Renovation Remix)
28. Angerfist – The Fast Lane (Rayden & Hellsystem Remix)
29. Quitara – Dedication
30. Miosa ft Mc Axys – The God Of War
31. Xcite – On A Mission
32. Neophyte & Scott Brown with Alee – Only One way Out
33. Bodyshock – Search & Destroy
34. Al Twisted & Sleeper Cell – The Devil
35. DJ La Carotte – It’s Been A Long Time
36. Meccano Twins – Fracture
37. Biorekk & Mikey Motion – The Devil’s Playground (Darkside Anthem)
38. Raoul – Murder
39. Stereo Type – Strike
40. Hardbouncer ft Mc A.D.K – The Sound Of Hardbouncer
41. Partyraiser & Para Italia – Summer Madness
42. Unexist – Power Of Underground
43. The Sickest Squad ft Kraken – Re-vo-lu-tion
44. Day-Mar & Drokz – Devilism (Drokz Remix)
45. Drokz – Brag & Boast
46. The Chronic – Trp
47. Legion Of The Lost – Sick Days
48. Wars Industry – Out Of My Mind
49. N-Vitral & Igneon System – Jump The Fuck Up
50. DJ Mad Dog – Rewind (Andy The Core Remix)

Release Name: VA-Hardcore_Top_100_Best_Of_2014-2CD-2014-wAx
Size: 269 MB
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Cloud 9 Music
Quality: 248 kBit/s,LAME3.98r
Time: 152:43

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Title Fight-Hyperview-2015-P2P


01. Murder Your Memory
02. Chlorine
03. Hypernight
04. Mrahc
05. Your Pain Is Mine Now
06. Rose of Sharon
07. Trace Me Onto You
08. Liar’s Love
09. Dizzy
10. New Vision

Release Name: Title_Fight-Hyperview-2015-P2P
Label: N/A
Quality: N/A
Genre: Indie Rock
Size: 76 MB

Download: ViP FiLE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – Uploadable

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