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Ajay Devgan Turns Prankster to Sonakshi Sinha .

Bollywood Star Ajay Devgn is frolic to his co-stars

We all know Ajay Devgn used to prank a lot on his stars and recently he has done Same with our very own Rajjo.

In an Interview Sonakshi Said “”I love gajar ka halwa and Ajay knew about my weakness. Once on the sets, he offered me some yummy gajar ka halwa and, without suspecting anything, I took a spoonful of it. But the minute I tasted it, my mouth was on fire. He had actually fed me chilly paste instead of halwa. For 30 minutes after that, I was jumping up and down. Also, Ajay pulls a straight face while playing pranks. So no one really suspects him.”

Well Ajay , we hope your Co-Stars will be alert after Reading this.

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