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Barfi Nominated for Oscars.

Barfi Nominated for Oscars.

” Barfi”, is India’s official entry in ‘foreign film category’ at the Oscars. The movie, released on September 14, was made at a budget of Rs 30 crore.
The Movie made with a Small budget was appreciated worldwide . Ranbir Kapoor’s Back to back hits followed by Rockstar has made him enter the 100 crore list.

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It minted Rs 34.6 crore during the weekend, and amassed a total of Rs 58.6 crore over the week – September 14 (Rs 9.2 crore), September 15 (Rs 11.5 crore), September 16 (Rs 13.9 crore), September 17 (Rs 6.5 crore), September 18 (Rs 6 crore), September 19 (Rs 7.25 crore) and September 20 (Rs 4.25 crore).

The film, about love between differently-abled — a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl — opened in approximately 700 screens in India, September 14.

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