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Football Is Life For Me – Ranbir Kapoor

Whole India migh be crazy for Cricket ,Since the IPL fifth season was going on people loving to watch there stars playing but Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor loves to watch & play Football .Ranbir who has admitted his love for the sport in the past, is known to have been an avid footballer himself and has even played at the state level.

Ranbir Kapoor shows his passion on Football game by saying,”Football is life for me and if not an actor, I would have loved to be a football player. It teaches one team-work, determination and discipline apart from being such an exciting sport. And being a football enthusiast, I am glad that I am taking the initiative to popularise football amongst the youth of our country. I am proud and confident that the youth will enjoy the new T20 football format.”

According the sources,while shooting for Tvc ad for cola brand,Actor Ranbir the other youngster featured in the ad kept playing football in between the shots. They never missed an opportunity to dribble the ball or to play fun tricks with each other. The youngster was also seen teaching Ranbir some cool football tricks.

Interstingly,Actor Salman Khan is aware of Ranbir’s Football passion.In one his interview,Salman Said,”I don’t know if he is interested in cricket as I haven’t seen him playing. But we have played football together and he plays well. When I do something for football I shall keep him in mind.”

Earlier Ranbir Kapoor played Football along with Salman & Other bollywood actor for Being Human Charity event.With the support from Bollywood industries actors Like Salman & Ranbir,Football is going to buzz among people.