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I will Steal Bollywood from Salman Khan – Chris Gayle (Cricketer)

Gayle is the new shining superstar of IPL and he shares good bonding with Shahrukh Khan. When Unitezz asked him that is he seriously looking at a Bollywood career in the near future. “I am going to rock Bollywood and take it away from Salman Khan,” says Chris with a smile, adding, though, that he hasn’t seen a single Bollywood film yet. We dig a little further to check if the mighty cricketer is pulling a fast one, but Chris says it all with a straight and serious expression, “Shah Rukh will sort it out for me I am sure.” He adds, “I did joke about it with Shah Rukh, but I am seriously looking for a big break in Hindi movies next year. I do see myself doing a Bollywood film and even music videos for that matter. Gaylestorm will hit Bollywood soon.”

Chris, who enjoys the beats of Indian music, has danced with Shah Rukh on stage in the past and, though, he hasn’t met many Bollywood sirens other than Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty, he finds a few of them quite pretty. “I am sure all the heroines would want to meet me, just ask them,” says Chris with a cheeky grin.

The hectic IPL schedule, meanwhile, has left little time for the cricketer to rest, but Chris isn’t complaining. In fact, he is happy to be here and entertain people with his shots. Talking about the Gaylestorm, he says, “To me it means significant entertainment, drama and a lot of expectations. I have always been an attacking player and sometimes I guess you got to give a little drama to the people.” And for Chris, IPL is a mix of both entertainment and sport, he says, “It is a business where a lot of money has been invested and every team wants to win. The responsibility of the players is to help place their brand above the other.”

But for Chris, playing in the IPL also means togetherness, he says, “It gets international players to come together. The fact that nine foreign players can be in one team helps take the animosity away from each other when playing for rival teams.”
All we can say that “Khans ko Bollywood me Takkar dena baccho ki bas ki baat nahi” Wink !!