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katrina kaif and aishwarya rai coldwar continues, salman khan

Katrina – Aishwarya Coldwar Continues

Salman Khan’s romatic relations rivalry-Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif haven’t shared a Warm Equation between two actresses till date and the two actors have successfully managed to avoid meeting each other until now. But Recently on the sets of Dhoom 3 they bumped into each other and they still continues to shared cold vibes.

According to the sources,Actress Aishwarya dropped in on the sets of Dhoom3 to meet her Husband Abhishek.She had come with their daughter, Aaradhya, to spend some time with her hubby. Since Katrina is also shooting for the same movie, the day she landed, Aishwarya was there too.”

“After seeing each other,They just exchanged a polite smile.It was pretty much like how it was in the past, when the two never interacted,”Sources adds.

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Many of people belive that the reason behind Aish-Katty coldwar is there alleged romantic relationships with Salman Khan.Interestingly,a couple of years ago, when a news channel asked Katrina to wish Aishwarya on her birthday, the actor changed the topic and refused to give a statement.

Since Katrina is working with Salman’s arch rival Shahrukh. Well Katrina and Aishwarya says Let bygones be bygones!?

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