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Mallika Sherawat will not quit Bollywood

There were some rumors about Mallika Sherawat quiting from bollywood but in recent interview she denied all these rumours.

“I’m content with both the worlds, thank you,” she says, adding, “I’m reading close to nine scripts in Hollywood and I already have two projects in Bollywood. Why would I give up either?” she shoots back. The actor says that she has built herself a reputation to reckon with in Holly land and she wouldn’t give it up for the world. A source close to the actor reminisces an incident when Mallika stepped out to have a meal at New York’s Amma restaurant, known for its enviable Indian cuisine. The owners of the restaurant apparently came to personally meet Mallika and told her that she makes Indians living abroad feel proud of their homeland. They even refused to let the actor pay for her meal. Ask Mallika to confirm this incident and all she says is, “It’s always a great feeling to be congratulated and recognized for your work, especially in a foreign land, and by people who are achievers in their own fields. It was a humbling incident.”Ask Mallika what kind of film roles is she looking to bag in tinsel town and she excuses herself saying that she has her plate full for now and she’s just got back to Mumbai, so settling down and enjoying the chills tops her current agenda.