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Neil and Ankita’s had Spat Deshmukh’s Reception?

Public brawls between bollywood celebs has became parttime job,After the recent public brawls involving Big stars Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan,now Neil Nitin Mukesh and his ‘good friend’ model Ankita Shorey spat at recent wedding grabbing the people’s eye balls.

According to the sources,”The Miss India winner Ankita had a public meltdown at Riteish Deshmukh’s brother Dheeraj Deshmukh’s reception party over with actor Neil Issue.here was a separate area for the stars to dine near the Konkan ballroom and we saw Neil and Ankita sitting together.

She was so angry that she had no idea people were listening to her. She was screaming at him at the top her voice. She was claiming that Neil broke his promise to introduce her to producers at the party., but you were not even looking at me at the party. You were supposed to come with me, but you came with Puja Gupta.”

Actor Neil apparently went for the sangeet with Sonal Chauhan and later to the reception with Puja Gupta, which did not go well with Ankita.

Sources added,”Ankita started crying and rushed to the ladies room. Neil followed her in there. A girl who spotted them together inside the rest room said that they were having a fight there as well. She apparently told him,Ankita has said to Neil,”I did not expect this from you. I am sending my driver to pick up all my stuff. This is over between us!”

However, people who spotted them fighting also saw them together at a late night after party thrown by Jackky Bhagnani.According to eyewitness,”By the end of it they seemed to have worked things out because they were cosying up at the after party. They both seemed a little drunk, so I guess it was one of those lovers spats which got over after a while.”

Neil speaks about this public Fight with Ankita :- It wasn’t a fight. It’s disgusting that I have to justify to the world what I do in my personal life. Ankita is a very sweet girl and she is a friend. She was upset about something and all I was doing is trying to pacify her. She is not my girlfriend, but I have known her for a while now and we are part of the same friend circle.

Ankita’s views :- Neil and I were not fighting over another girl, but over a guy. There was someone at the party, whose name I cannot mention, who misbehaved with me. I was very upset and disturbed at that point and hence I was crying. I went into the washroom and Neil came in. I think that’s where he went a little wrong. He was concerned about me.