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Real Reasons Behind Shahrukh – Salman Fight

Unitezz Found out years after ,  Reasons for The Big Fight At Katrina Kaif’s Birthday Bash. SRK and Sallu have always been known to be good buddies among the Khan trio. This incident has little to do with seething anger within and more to do with the influence of alcohol!

Here are some of the reasons that have been doing the rounds:

(i) Salman was already ‘high’ by the time this started and probably SRK too had a few drinks. We all know how reckless Salman has been in the past. Salman asked SRK to do a guest role in Mr. and Mrs. Khanna, a home production of Salman and his brother(s). Salman obviously thought SRK would agree given how many times Salman has done guest roles for SRK–Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, OSO, SRK’s TV show etc. SRK declined and this pissed off Salman.

(ii) Salman began irritating SRK about how Dus Ka Dum is doing better than his Paanchi Paas. Salman continued to irritate SRK and then SRK decided to retort and did a joke on his ex-girlfriend, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This infuriated Salman.

(iii) in one version Salman and SRK even spoke to about who will wrist their fist first and with what impact!

Anyways, my guess is that with all those drink and the rudderless career path SRK’s and Salman’s is taking (super stars and TV shows? cummon man; BigB did bcuz he did rock-bottom and had to clear his debts)—this was bound to happen. It was probably a combination of all the stories we are hearing, but fact remains they did have tiff. Apparently, Amir Khan and Gauri Khan intervened and stopped it. In all this mess, poor kid Katrina lost all the fun out of her birthday and was seen crying in the car sitting next to Salman–most probably disgusted with his behavior.

One interesting piece everybody is missing is the Ash factor. It will draw more trouble for SRK. As it is, he is pitted against the Big B camp and now getting Ash into a drunk-fight will only worsen his delicate relationship with BigB. I wonder what that joke is…if it does come out then it will make headlines!