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Saif and Aamir shared small talks

Co- stars of dil Chahta Hai, Saif and Aamir met each other at Ritesh- Genelis’s wedding.Its long time they been seen together on the screen.
The two Khans who illustrate friendship in Dil Chahta Hai more than a decade back might not be the best of buddies but are warm to each other nevertheless.

When seen together after along time, the paparazzi went into frenzy. A source present at the occasion said, “Saif Ali Khan entered with Kareena Kapoor while Aamir Khan was just about to leave. On seeing each other they greeted each other warmly.” But if the buzz is to be believed there was more to the greetings as they tried taking digs at each other.

Aamir Khan was seen in a formal shirt with a tie while Saif Ali Khan came in an achkan befitting his royal nawab persona. The source says, “On seeing Aamir, Saif’s instant reaction was ‘You forgot your coat, Aamir'”. However Aamir, who usually takes his time before reverting to anything, was quick to retort this time. So what did he say? “‘You forgot your shoes, Saif’ is what Aamir said”. Incidentally Saif had come in shoes but not exactly the ones that would go with his traditional outfit.

Of course everything happened in good state of mind. So here we have the two Khans in Bollywood who are not on battle like the others.