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Salman’s Gift for Katrina.

Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif recently celebrated her 28th  birthday. Keeping parties to a minimum, she celebrated by spending maximum time working.

According to sources, Katrina spent her birthday working late at Yash Raj Studios, She shared a birthday cake with the crew of Yash chopra’s film while at the studio.After wrapping up at the studio, she headed out for a quiet dinner with the only family she has in Mumbai, Salman Khan’s family.

Katrina was also spotted driving the new SUV which was her birthday gift from Salman. An insider revealed, “Katrina came back home from the studios to change, and then headed out in the new black car. She spent some time with her friends, mostly assistant directors, and choreographers Bosco in a Bandra restaurant. It was pretty late in the night when she reached Galaxy Apartments, Salman’s residence for a quiet dinner with Salma, Salim and Arpita Khan.”

“The license plate, number 8822, is similar to that of her old car, 2882. It was brand new so no one really expected Kartrina to be in it,”  added sources. Interestingly, Salman Khan is known to give SUVs to his friends. So it raises the question that the car was a gift from Dabangg Khan himself.

There stills something cooking between Salman and Katrina?? or they just good friends?