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Sher Khan Will Be Released On EID 2013

Box Office Clash Between Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar

Few days back there where reports of box office clash between Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar over EID 2013 Release.Akshay already planned his much awaited Gangster movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2 on EID 2013,But Salman Khan didn’t reveal which movie he will release on EID 2013.Latest Buzz is that Sohail’s production fantasy-action-advetnture thriller Sher Khan will be release on EID.

Salman Khan’s much talked about movie ‘Sher Khan’ was postponed due to many reasons.Salman Khan’s health been concerned for this movie,Since it requries lots of action stunts.Apart from stunts,Special effects in the movie will be huge and its cost around Rs 12 crores.However,Salman Khan feels that he is fit enough to do action stunts.

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According to the sources,Sher Khan which had gone into re-write, is now back on the right track.Apparently, the script has been suitably revamped, keeping in mind Salman’s inability to perform dangerous stunts particularly those that expose his face to danger.

“More than Salman bhai’s stunts there will be lots of special-effects in the film. And that’s why Sher Khan would take longer than usual in the post-production.But Salman Khan wants the movie to ready till EID,”adds sources.

Sohail Khan even confirmed the reports by saying,”I start shooting Sher Khan from January 2013.I start casting and finalizing locations from next month.”

Sher Khan will have Salman Khan and Angela Johnson in the leads.While other female lead yet to finalized. Priyanka,Katrina,Deepika etc are in the list.


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