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vidya promotes toilet

Vidya Balan promotes toilets at rural homes

Actress Vidya Balan after doing women oriented movies on bigscreens is now working for the social cause to improve quality of living in womens.

Vidya who is brand ambassador for Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan, She will be spreading awareness about having basic toilet facilities at homes.

The Dirty Picture actress Vidya has already shot for three ad films for the campaign with director Vibhu Puri.These ads will be release on October 3.Vidya hopes it will create impact everywhere.

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“I am using my popularity and if it helps to promote such a cause and makes an difference I will continue to do so.I shall also accompany the team to Bihar on 19 November for the Bharat Yatra campaign planned and preach the homes to use toilets,”Vidya said.


Apparently,Vidya Balan has been working for Education for Girls in Rural areas.